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For his next act, baseball magician Javy Baez used sleight of hand to avoid a tag and steal third base

On the diamond, Javy Baez can do just about anything. The Cubs' flashy infielder has a knack for the type of play that makes you do a double-take, rewind the tape and get another look. Just how does he do these things?
Well, the question remains after his latest unbelievable on-field feat, this time coming in Monday's emotional World Baseball Classic showdown between the Netherlands and Puerto Rico
The setting: Baez, perched on second base in the fourth inning, took off for third in a steal attempt. The ball beat him, but he wound up the victor (after a replay review overturned an initial out call): 

If that slide seems familiar, there's a reason. This isn't the first time Baez has evaded a would-be sure-thing out with some inventive hand movement. It's part of his brand at this point, and works in concert with his ability to make slick, no-look glove-tags seem like no big deal at all. 
And, given how Monday night's play went down, Baez and Mike Trout can probably swap notes:  

Baez can probably also talk dancing with "Dancing with the Stars" breakout phenomenonDavid Ross, now, too.
By the time the dust had settled, Puerto Rico prevailed over the Netherlands, 4-3, in 11 innings, to move on to the championship game on Wednesday night (9 p.m. ET on MLB Network/MLB.TV).