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Jeff Bagwell used to give Tim Raines the silent treatment when he reached first base

On his final year on the ballot, Tim Raines was voted into the Hall of Fame this week. Finally, after all these years, his plaque can rest aside the immortals in Cooperstown, he can sign his name "Tim Raines, Hall of Fame Legend" (if he wants to) and, um, he can hear fellow inductee Jeff Bagwell's voice?
"I used to go first base and I'm one of those guys that always likes to talk to first baseman," Raines said. "He [Bagwell] is one of the few guys that never said a word. This is the first time I've ever heard his voice."
A historic day, indeed. Even better than hearing Jeff Bagwell's voice, though? Seeing Jeff Bagwell's goatee age like a fine wine: