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Jim Harbaugh brought his game face -- and a mitt -- to Petco Park and marveled at Clayton Kershaw's delivery

If there's one thing Jim Harbaugh loves to do, it's coach football. If there's another thing he loves to do, it's wear khakis -- and so on. But enjoying baseball games seems to be pretty high on the list, as the University of Michigan head coach has been spotted at various games over the years (even the World Series). 
His travels took him to Petco Park for Monday night's game between the Dodgers and Padres, and Harbs had pretty choice seats behind home plate. So close, in fact, that they afforded him a pretty great view of Clayton Kershaw on the mound. And just like the rest of us, he was in awe of Kershaw's unique delivery on the bump:

And he didn't take off early, mind you. The Dodgers got off to a big lead and it held to the late innings, with the Padres losing, 8-2 -- but Coach was ready for a foul ball the entire time: 

That's so Harbs.