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Jimmy Kimmel tracked down the Giants fans who accidentally picked up a fair ball

Giants fans Travis and Krista were taking in San Francisco's game against the D-backs on Monday. They'd scored great seats -- in the front row down the third-base line near the Giants bullpen. They were minding their own business, having a great time, when all of a sudden they got the chance of a lifetime: Brandon Crawford hit a line drive that was bouncing straight towards them. A big league souvenir, right there for the taking!
Without hesitating, Travis made his move, reaching over the railing with his glove and making a clean snag -- only to immediately discover that the ball was still in play. Krista, his fiancee, was ... not enthused:

An honest mistake, but still, rules were rules: Travis and Krista were both asked to fork over the ball and leave AT&T Park. Shake it off, lesson learned ... until Jimmy Kimmel got involved. Kimmel tracked Travis and Krista down during Thursday night's "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" to see how they were coping with their newfound fame -- and to give them a little present. 

First, Travis wanted to set the record straight: Yes, he knew that fans who touched fair balls were ejected, and no, he didn't do it on purpose. 
I thought it was foul, I really did. I saw like four other people going for it, and I thought to myself, 'Well, if anyone's getting this ball, it's going to be me.'"
And while Krista ducked and covered in the moment, the two of them are doing just fine. They're engaged to be married -- and really, what could be a better relationship test than getting escorted away on national TV? Kimmel even decided to give them a consolation prize before they left: a couple of baseballs signed by Crawford himself.
(One final disclaimer: Sure, the two of them might be taking some souvenirs home, but they're also banned from AT&T Park. So the next time you're considering going for a ball you're not sure is foul, remember: Don't do that.)