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Nats starter Joe Ross doubled in a 10-pitch at-bat before he even took the mound against the Phillies

Joe Ross is a boss, and we're not saying that because it rhymes (though it certainly does add a bit of flair). No, we're here to tell you that Joe Ross is a boss because he tossed a straight-up gem against the Phillies on Friday night. Over 7 2/3 scoreless innings, Ross struck out five and surrendered a mere three hits.

Impressive, right?
Well, then you're going to be doubly impressed when you learn that he put in some work at the dish, too. Ross started his night early when the Nationals batted around in the top of the first inning, doubling down the left-field line to keep the rally going:

Perhaps the greatest part of that at-bat was how long it took. Ross went down, 0-2, to start, but battled back, forcing Jeremy Hellickson to throw 10 (!!!) pitches before finally lacing that double to left.

Oh, and Ross later drew a walk in the seventh because when you're hot, you're hot. The Nats went on to win, 9-1.