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Joey Gallo bested himself with a massive 490-foot homer and the Rangers' TV crew could only laugh

Back in April, Rangers slugger Joey Gallo stepped up during a game at Globe Life Park in Arlington and clubbed a homer that traveled an estimated 462 feet en route to clearing the Popcorn Wagon in deep right field. At the time, it was the longest and hardest-hit homer of the season.
But in the months since, the bar has been raised by various hitters, swatting awe-inspiring homers all around MLB. But, since all things go back to where they started, Gallo was up to the task of returning his name to the conversation in Sunday's 4-2 win over the Angels.
Stepping up against Garrett Richards, Gallo connected on an offspeed pitch and hit it to deep center field. We're talking so deep, and so far, that it nearly cleared the grassy knoll next to the rock formation behind Mike Trout. That's good for a Statcast-estimated distance of 490 feet, a 26-degree launch angle and a 116.2-mph exit velocity.

That's quite a poke:

It only trails Aaron Judge (who hit one 495 feet) and Gary Sánchez (493 feet) as the season's third-farthest homer so far. 
As seen in the full clip atop this post, all the Rangers broadcast crew could do while watching Gallo's homer soar into the Southern California sky was yell in astonishment or just let out a loud laugh, which is really the correct way to react to something as ridiculous as this display of power from Gallo. 

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