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John Sterling says he's figured out his home run call for Giancarlo Stanton -- but he's not saying what it is

(Lynne Sladky)

The start of a new season isn't just for the players. Announcers have to be at their best, ready for another long journey through the season. 
For Yankees announcer John Sterling, this meant he has to have his home run call polished and ready for the team's new slugger, Giancarlo Stanton. Sterling provided the masses with a Spring Training version last week, christening a prodigious (and ridiculous) dinger a "Stantonian blast," but he has something else in store for the regular season.
Stanton isn't Italian -- his lineage includes Puerto Rican, African-American and Irish descent -- but as Sterling told the New York Times' Wallace Matthews, his Italian-inspired first name was the inspiration behind this mystery call:
"This one is so different," he said. "It's an Italian phrase that rhymes. I don't know if anyone will get it. I'm really worried. Well, not really worried. In fact, I'm not worried. Let's say I'm mildly concerned.
"Boy, I hope it works. It may not."
Check the full NYT article for more from Sterling. 
A rhyming Italian phrase, you say? The first thing that struck my mind was "Buon giorno, Giancarlo," though that's almost definitely not what Sterling has in mind.
All will be revealed as soon as Stanton connects on his first homer in pinstripes, so stay tuned. Until then, just come up with your own to go along with imagery like this: