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Jonathan Villar forgoes personal safety and leaps into the camera well for this catch

As humans, we're taught to protect our bodies. We don't run near pools and we tread carefully around ravines. But if you're a baseball player, your job is to catch baseballs -- no matter what. 
The Brewers' Jonathan Villar showed that kind of thinking off during Milwaukee's 9-3 loss to the D-backs on Sunday. Playing third base now after the team's top prospect, Orlando Arcia, was called up, Villar found himself running down the line to try and capture Tuffy Gosewich's foul ball in the bottom of the fourth inning. Heading toward the dugout-style seats, Villar had two options: 
1. Let the ball drop foul and return to third. 
2. Leap headfirst into the unknown, risking all sorts of bruises along the way. 
A non-baseball player likely takes the first option. Live to not feel pain another day. But Villar is a baseball player and did what a baseball player must. 

While Villar made the catch, he wasn't able to get the throw to home to prevent Yasmany Tomás from tagging up to score. 
"It was a great play, and we'll take an out," Brewers manager Craig Counsell said to's Adam McCalvy after the game.  "It's like a sac fly basically, but we'll take that out. It's better than letting it drop and let him keep hitting, for me."
Given that Adonis García also decided to go diving for a baseball in the seats the other day, perhaps it's time to install bean bag chairs or trampolines to give players a comfortable landing spot.