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Jonathan Villar grounded out to first and tried to flee back into the box

Baseball, like time, flows in only one direction. Once you hit the ball, you have to run to first. The Brewers' Jonathan Villar tried to test these very basic rules of physics during Wednesday's game against the Cardinals
In the top of the fifth inning, the Brewers had runners on second and third when Villar hit a soft grounder to José Martínez at first base. As the Milwaukee infielder approached first, he seemed to think, "Wait. What if I just went backward?" He forced the Cardinals infielder to come all the way in to chase him away: 

Villar talked to postgame.
"I don't go all the way because he stayed in the middle ... so I've got to stop and he followed me back. I've got to run back."
Martinez also reflected on the play.
"He plays happy all the time, he's funny. That guy is very good."u5:p
Just look at these cartoonish windmill arms -- this certainly wasn't Villar's plan from the very start. 

Oh, I could just watch this all day.