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Photo of the Night: Jose Bautista puts some Drake on top of his iconic bat flip

Drake's been teasing the release of his latest album -- first titled "Views from the 6," now simply "Views" -- for years now, and it finally looks like we might be getting close. First came the track listing, and then, on Monday, cover art -- Toronto's CN Tower, with a picture of the rapper perched on the edge:

Naturally, the Internet being the Internet, everyone had a Photoshop field day: Drake jumping hurdles; Drake chilling on a baseball; Drake chilling on Rihanna. There's even an entire website dedicated to repeatedly dropping Drake off the tower. And while we respect and appreciate all of these noble efforts, we regret to inform the World Wide Web that a winner has already been crowned -- Jose Bautista put Drake on his ALDS bat flip:

Two eminent Canadians, together at last.