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A Jose Bautista foul ball found its way into a full cup of beer, and something explosive happened

Fans have done it all so far this season.
They've caught home runs while holding babies, barehanded foul balls in impressive fashion and taken selfies with players that tumble into the stands, to name just a few.
A line drive off the bat of Jose Bautista in Wednesday's 8-4 win by the Blue Jays over the Yankees at Yankee Stadium resulted in something entirely different. This wasn't a great catch, no.
It was, however, the demise of a formerly full cup of beer -- as its contents cascaded down around a handful of nearby patrons.

We've seen this sort of thing have an entirely different ending recently, but as everybody knows: No two foul balls are entirely alike. 
The confluence of circumstances that had to occur just so this latest incident could happen -- from the fan having the beer at the right angle to coincide with the baseball, to the trajectory of the ball itself -- is rather remarkable, and it resulted in something these fans probably won't soon forget.