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Baseball is so easy for Josh Bell at this point that he's blowing bubbles on doubles

Josh Bell is off to a nice start in 2019.

No, wait. Scratch that. Josh Bell is off to a ridiculously hot start in 2019. After a three-hit game during the Pirates' 14-6 win over the Rockies that included his 16th homer of the season, he's now batting .339/.408/.718 with an 1.125 OPS that tops all first basemen. In fact, his OPS this month is one of the best in the long history of the Pirates.

When you're crushing long balls into the Allegheny River left and right, everything just comes together so easily that extra-base hits are almost second-nature. It's going so smoothly that Bell was able to blow a bubble as he legged out a double in the top of the third inning on Thursday.

Bell has reached near-peak levels of casual strength and style. It's impressive.

Of course, we know where a lot of that strength comes from -- his dad.

You have to imagine that Earnest Bell was more than capable of socking some dingers of his own back in the day. He probably pops a mean bubble, too.

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