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Josh Tomlin advised Jason Kipnis on what to say during his clubhouse interview

There are times in life when it's good to have counsel offering suggestions to your comments. Like: 
- Court cases 
- Weddings (Do you really want to have to remember those entire vows?) 
- And, apparently, celebratory interviews. 
Following Cleveland's 3-0 defeat of the Blue Jays in ALCS Game 5 on Wednesday to send the team to the World Series, the celebration was on. When reporters came to interview Jason Kipnis, he received some suggestions from ALCS Game 2 starter Josh Tomlin.  
While Kipnis started with a ballplayer cliche and said "These guys worked so hard," he quickly pivoted. "Tomlin really set the stage for us. He worked the best out of us. His stuff was nasty and he doesn't think [Corey] Kluber should start Game 1. He think he needs to get the ball. And [Ryan] Merritt should be Game 2." 
Will this start a new trend of clubhouse advisers? Will this cause Terry Francona to tinker with his World Series rotation? The answer to both questions is ... ehh, probably not. 
Tune in to watch the Indians take on the winner of the Dodgers-Cubs NLCS in the World Series starting on Oct. 25 on FOX.