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Juan Lagares leaps into the center-field wall for an early Catch of the Year nominee

Juan Lagares has done just about everything there is to do as a center fielder in his career. He's gone over the shoulder. He's gone full extension. He's robbed dingers. He's even shown off the arm cannon on occasion. It takes a lot for him to surprise us at this point, is what we're saying.
And yet, what the Mets center fielder pulled off during Tuesday's 11-1 win over the Phillies was so remarkable, so description-defying, not even the structural integrity of Citizens Bank Park was safe:

According to Statcast™, Lagares traveled 91 feet to track down a ball hit at 111 mph -- and, as you might expect, the Internet lost its collective mind.

At this point, unless you've managed to clear the county when Lagares is in center field, it's probably safe to assume you should start heading back to the dugout.