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Juan Uribe just won every dance contest from now until forever

The Indians were feeling pretty good on Saturday afternoon. They jumped out early against the Tigers, and by the bottom of the seventh inning they led, 10-1. And that's when Juan Uribe -- excuse me, Juan Uribae -- busted out these moves in the dugout:

In addition to being the coolest man alive, Uribe, who had the day off Saturday, just casually became the greatest dancer the world has ever seen.
Sorry, Fred Astaire.

Sorry, Michael Jackson.

Sorry, Misty Copeland.

Dancers of the world, you've all been topped. You knew this day would come, and here is your fate, in the twirling body of Juan Uribe. Not even the newest dance moves can help you now.
I won't say any future dance contests are now cancelled, because that's not what Uribe would want. Just know that this is the standard against which all dancing will be measured, forever.