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Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor sat in the Judge's Chambers to take in a Yankees game

If you've ever been having trouble falling asleep at night, this thought has likely filtered through your brain: If a Supreme Court Justice went to take in a ballgame, just where would they sit?
While the answer to that question for 29 Major League teams is still unknown, we got one answer on Thursday night as Justice Sonia Sotomayor was in attendance for the Yankees-Red Sox game. Where did she sit? In Aaron Judge's "Judge's Chambers," of course. 

As a bonus, should there be an argument between two people over a home run ball, she'll be there to immediately rule on its rightful owner. 
Sotomayor, a Bronx-native and lifelong Yankees fan, doesn't just sit in the best seats in the house, though. As she told in 2012 after sitting in the bleachers: 
"I [pay] homage to the Bleacher Creatures," Sotomayor said. "They are the greatest fans. To sit in sweltering heat, while the sun is blazing, to sit out there in the rain, to sit out there on days we're losing, and not to take it out on our players, takes heart. They show it every game, every time they come out, and so I felt very proud to be with them."
She even paid a visit to the Yankees broadcast booth during the game, too.