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Shane Bieber took a typo on his baseball card calling him 'Justin' as an amusing badge of honor

Justin Bieber is not a baseball player. He is one of the world's biggest pop stars of the past decade or so.

Shane Bieber is not a big pop star. He is a pitcher for the Cleveland Indians, and won All-Star Game MVP last month.

But it's impossible to hear "Shane Bieber" and not think of Justin, right? I mean, it's as if your name was Sebastian Timberlake or something. The association is there, whether you like it or not (take it from me, having heard quotes from "Rocky" all my life, endlessly, for decades).

So when an amusing and inevitable typo turned up on one of Shane's new baseball cards, he couldn't help but shout it out:

Oops, but also not oops. This is honestly pretty great. I'm sure the completely fictitious (as far as I know, at least) Sebastian Timberlake wouldn't mind if his baseball card had a similar typo, referring to him as one of the biggest pop stars in the world, too.

Something did bug Shane about this mix-up, though. But this one was entirely his fault.

Oops. But maybe this will come up again in the future. I bet it will. It's just inevitable. Guess Shane can try this look for Player's Weekend once again ...

Word of this Bieber baseball card situation reached Justin, who was also amused by the whole thing himself ...