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Justin Bour would like to see more dugout snacks during Major League games

First and foremost, the Little League Classic gave the Phillies and Mets the opportunity to hang out with young fans, get in touch with their inner kid and just generally soak in the magic of Williamsport, Pa. But it also gave them some ideas.
Having big leaguers run on 60-foot basepaths and swing for fences 200 feet away might not be feasible, but Justin Bour came away from Sunday with some suggestions on how to improve the Major League experience. Like, for example, fully embracing eating stuff in the dugout.
Bour personally would love some midgame oranges, but if the past few years are any indication, everybody has their own favorite. You can listen to Jake Mintz's full interview with Bour in the video above -- other subjects include his own Little League team's run to a district championship and what advice he'd give to his 12-year-old self.