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Everyone can learn from Park Suk-Min's casual spin and behind-the-back bat flip

The behind-the-back play isn't unusual in baseball -- for infielders. But what about hitters?
On Sunday, Park Suk-Min of the KBO's NC Dinos laced a ball into the right-center-field gap in his team's game against the Lotte Giants. But it was his follow-through, which involved an excellent spin and no-look bat toss, that really just has to be seen. Words don't do it justice:

That's top-shelf, right there.
The whole swing-really-hard-and-spin-in-a-circle thing isn't new for Park Suk-Min, as he's exhibited throughout his career. Like this time in 2013
He's also been known to carry his bat all the way to first base after crushing dingers (hi there, Pedro Cerrano) rather than tossing it into the sky:

It's great to see such a strong relationship between a slugger and his bat.