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Keith Hernandez had a spot of trouble with his bandage in the broadcast booth

It is an unfortunate reality that over the course of the long MLB season, injuries happen. The 162-game grind takes its toll on the body, no matter who you are and how well you take care of yourself. Of course, it's typically the players on the field who get injured and not the individuals in the broadcast booth, but, uh … you OK, Keith?<o:p>

To Gary Cohen's great amusement, Keith Hernandez reconfigured his bandage during the Braves' 7-3 win over the Mets on Monday. Or, as he put it: <o:p>"I'm just icing my knee 'cause it hurts."<o:p>
Must've been a Telestrator-related mishap. As for his skill with the bandage, he has experience.
"When you're an athlete, you learn how to do these things," Hernandez said.
We won't mention the ice that melted all over his chair.