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Kenley Jansen learns the hard way that tossing a live ball into the dugout is frowned upon

Kenley Jansen struck out 80 batters over 52 1/3 innings last season, while only walking eight. Over 21 dominant frames so far in 2016, he had walked exactly one. So it's understandable that, after allowing just his second free pass in nearly nine months during the Dodgers-Braves game on Saturday, Jansen was a bit upset with himself.
And that's fine! A little competitive frustration can be healthy, after all. Except, well, we might kindly suggest that Jansen come up with a better way of channeling it, because "get the ball back and immediately chuck it toward the dugout" turned out to be pretty counterproductive:

In case you were wondering, no, you can't do that. A walk isn't a dead ball, meaning that Jansen's toss was in effect the same thing as a throw that sails into the stands, allowing Freddie Freeman to advance to second. Don't worry about Jansen, though -- the best closer nobody talks about struck out two of the next three batters and slammed the door on a 4-0 win for L.A.