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Kenta Maeda welcomed himself to the Major Leagues by going yard in his second at-bat

When word got out that Kenta Maeda would be coming from Japan to the Majors, everyone wondered just what kind of player he would be. The scouting reports came in: Multiple breaking balls, great command, a Bugs Bunny changeup. But we neglected perhaps the most important question of all: Can he rake? 
In his very first start on Wednesday against the Padres, we got our answer. Take it away, Clayton:

There was only one way such a momentous occasion could be honored. A time-honored tradition, showered on rookies for years -- the silent treatment:

With a swing like that, even Adrian Gonzalez wanted to get some tips, and discovered that Maeda definitely doesn't skip arm day: 

That sound you hear is Dave Roberts telling anyone who will listen, "I told you so!"