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Noted escape artist Keon Broxton got out of a rundown to score a run

The Brewers defeated the Reds Friday night, 8-2, and Keon Broxton was a big part of the reason why. He went 3-for-4, including two home runs and some stellar defense. 
He personally crossed the plate on three of the team's eight runs. Two of them came in the form of home run trots, but there was one that almost didn't happen. You see, just seconds before Broxton scored in the eighth inning, it looked like he was caught between third and home. It took a slip, a lost helmet and a bit of gall to turn a likely out into a run:

"That was a wild one," Broxton told's Adam McCalvy. "I was going on contact, so whenever Villar swung I was already on the move and expecting him to at least put the ball in play. It didn't work out that way, and then I slipped on the clay and that's why Barnhart threw it down to third. ... It was high adrenaline, and it was fun."
Broxton is no stranger to working magic on the basepaths to escape rundowns. Just last year, he channeled The Matrix to avoid a tag and get back to first base:

Opposing teams should take note that rundowns are just a little trickier when they involve Broxton.