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Kris Bryant went undercover to prank an Arizona junior college team

Much like Donnie Brasco or Ice T's character on "Law & Order: SVU," Kris Bryant's undercover skills are on point. Last season -- before he was National League Rookie of the Year -- the Cubs third baseman surprised unsuspecting Lyft customers by posing as a driver:

Bryant doubled down on his acting skills by posing as a European transfer student coming to snatch up all the playing time from the guys on the Mesa Community College baseball team. Coach Tony Cirelli briefed his players the morning of the prank to let them know that the team had landed a hot shot new recruit, and that many of the existing players would lose some time to the kid, but that the team would be the better for it.
Enter: Kris Bryant.
"Roy" waltzed into practice and hopped in the box to take some BP. Once "Roy" started cranking out some moonshots, it didn't take the Thunderbirds long to figure out they were in the presence of a superstar: