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Watch newest Braves catcher Kurt Suzuki homer on a 102-mph Aroldis Chapman fastball

Catcher Kurt Suzuki isn't known for his majestic home runs. But it's always those guys who will surprise you when a pitcher thinks he can sneak in a fastball. Aroldis Chapman learned that the hard way this past summer when Suzuki, who is reportedly set to sign with the Braves on a one-year deal, stepped to the plate as a pinch-hitter on June 18 against the Yankees. 

Following Eduardo Escobar's home run in the bottom of the ninth, Suzuki came up. After fouling off six pitches -- the last three all fastballs over 101 mph -- Suzuki was ready. Chapman reared back, dialed it up to a Statcast™-measured 102.4 mph ... and this is where Suzuki deposited it:


To put that in perspective, the ball was thrown harder than Suzuki managed to hit it -- his exit velocity at 101.2 mph. It's also the hardest thrown pitch hit for a home run since 2008.