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College football coach Lane Kiffin threw out a very solid ceremonial first pitch

Florida Atlantic University head football coach Lane Kiffin has had a busy couple of months. Changing jobs and moving to a new state will do that.
On Sunday afternoon, he found some time to get away from his new job and all the recruiting and program-building it entails to have some simple fun on the baseball diamond, as the Nationals had him throw the ceremonial first pitch for their Spring Training game against the Astros.

In an age in which first pitches seem to find the dirt or the backstop as often as the catcher's mitt, Kiffin's effort deserves praise. He threw from just in front of the rubber--nearly the full 60 feet, six inches distance. Though he short-armed the release a bit after a smooth wind-up, the ball found Clint Robinson's glove.
It wasn't a strike, but should go down as the first victory of Kiffin's tenure at Florida Atlantic.