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Jonathan Schoop and Manny Machado's post-homer celebration turned into a football tryout

Emotions are everything in this game -- and the flood of feelings that light up a dugout after a big, game-changing homer usually lead to some fun on-field celebrations
This played out in Sunday's Orioles-Giants game at AT&T Park after Jonathan Schoop hit a two-out, three-run shot off Giants closer Santiago Casilla to shoot Baltimore on top, 8-7. After reaching home plate, Schoop and teammate Manny Machado attempted an elaborate, choreographed routine involving hand slaps and fist pumps. That's standard as far as celebrations go.
However, when Machado went in for a chest-bump-tackle follow-through, Schoop wasn't on the same page ... so this happened: 

There's a football joke to be made here regarding Machado's advanced-level lowering of the shoulder now that NFL camps are back in action and the Ravens are gearing up for a new season, but ... well, yeah. It's there.  
As for Schoop and Machado, this is another chapter in their storied history of celebratory antics on the diamond. This time, it resulted in a tumble, rather than play-fighting, though: 

The pair certainly has a style ...