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Marcus Stroman's hairdo-rubbing handshake with Devon Travis is an inspiration

In many ways, Marcus Stroman is an inspiration. When he returned from last year's ACL tear just in time for the end of the season -- finishing his college degree in between -- he showed that determination pays off. Every day on Twitter, he encourages people to live their best lives.
Before Thursday's game against the Orioles, he proved that with concentration, hard work and a teammate as ebullient as you, it is possible to pull off a handshake like this:

Thank you, Marcus Stroman and Devon Travis, for showing everyone the true potential of a pregame handshake. This makes me want to go out and invent a highly complex, secret handshake with every single person in the world. 
And although the Blue Jays lost, 6-5, they're back at Rogers Centre on Friday, hopefully with more handshakes.
Travis explained the genesis of the shake and plans for more to's Alykhan Ravjiani before Friday's game: 
"We kind of started off just slapping hands and shaking our heads together because we both have blonde mohawks, and then Wednesday in Detroit, I was like 'Nah man, we have to add something, it's too boring.' So I basically just added something and it's now just a pretty popular dance. We might be adding a little something to it [later in the year]. It's a good base to start with, so we're rolling with it."