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Mariners turn batting practice into superhero cosplay because Spring Training is the best

Spring Training baseball is the best kind of baseball because everybody's all loosey-goosey, just trying to get their cuts in and prep for the season. Whether they're spending their evenings live-tweeting "The Bachelor" or spending their afternoons losing to Barry Bonds in a home run derby, things are always just a little more fun in March ... which might explain why the Mariners cosplayed batting practice on Wednesday.
That's right, Robinson Cano and Nelson Cruz channeled their inner superheroes on Wednesday when they mashed homers at the Mariners Spring Training facility in Peoria, Ariz.
Cruz donned a Superman shirt and the accompanying red cape, while Robin-son Cano opted for the more meta choice of Batman's sidekick:

Cruz has already ruined someone's windshield with a batting practice homer this spring -- the whole "more powerful than a locomotive" thing might have some truth to it -- especially considering it wouldn't be the first time that Cruz proved he's got train-type power: