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Randy the righty? A retro Mariners fan did a Randy Johnson impression at Safeco Field

Mariners fans have seen their share of talented pitchers throughout their history, from Mark Langston to Felix Hernandez. None quite compare to the elite dominance of Hall of Famer Randy Johnson, the first Mariners pitcher to ever win the Cy Young Award. So, it's hardly a surprise to see fans at Safeco Field donning Johnson's jersey.
Dressing from head-to-toe like Johnson, though? That's next-level commitment. One fan stepped it up during the Mariners' 8-2 victory over the Rangers on Saturday night.

That's impressive. He even included the hair, too! The only problem is that, as the Mariners' broadcasters pointed out in the video above, Johnson was a lefty. Oh well.
We can only assume that his pitches in the dirt must be a subtle tribute to Johnson's early-career wildness -- after all, the jersey he's wearing is era-appropriate for those years. It's not like the control problems prevented Johnson from his first moments of greatness, anyway.

Since the fan's right arm started to hurt just as he was leaving the speed pitch machine cage, it's safe to say that he probably won't be throwing no-hitters anytime soon. Nonetheless, he gets an "A" for style.
Then again, because it's Johnson, perhaps a "K" would be more appropriate.