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J.T. Riddle's check-swing single on a bouncing pitch is one of the weirdest first hits you'll see

The first hit of a big leaguer's career is always a special moment. Some are momentous, while others are, um, memorable? 
During the Braves-Marlins game on Wednesday, J.T. Riddle was playing in his second-ever MLB game -- looking for that very first MLB hit. And then, in his very first at-bat, with two strikes, it happened!

Yes, a check-swing infield single on a pitch that bounced. In other words, one of the strangest first career hits you'll ever see. Apt for a man with Riddle for a last name.'s Joe Frisaro talked to the 25-year-old about the moment postgame:
It was pretty crazy, a check swing. It started foul and came back. It's one to remember, I guess. <o:p>It wasn't that hard line drive somewhere. I don't even know what happened. I was standing there, and then it was fair. I was like, 'Run as fast as I can.' <o:p>
His family was more or less thankful that he pulled it off:

And honestly, J.T., hitting a single on a bouncing ball puts you in some pretty elite company.