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The Marlins' team barber got a Jose Fernandez tattoo as a tribute to one of his favorite patrons

Hugo Tandron is the Marlins' team barber. Before every start José Fernández made at Marlins Park over the course of his career, the right-hander sat down in Tandron's chair for a haircut.
The FOX Sports Florida crew caught up with Tandron for an interview that aired during Tuesday's game with the Mets to talk about Fernandez and the memories Tandron has of one of his most frequent customers.
During the segment, which you can view in full atop this post, Tandron also displays a new tattoo on his right calf that he acquired on Sunday after hearing of Fernandez's passing, an event that also claimed the lives of two of his friends.'s Joe Frisaro also shared a photo of Tandron's remembrance of Fernandez: 

That's a pretty great tribute, a warm remembrance of the special bond Tandron shared with the Marlins' exuberant and gifted young ace, taken far too soon at the age of just 24.
In related news, there will be a public memorial service for Fernandez set to begin on Wednesday at Marlins Park at 2:16 p.m. ET.