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Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford called a play named for his buddy, Clayton Kershaw

The Dodgers' Clayton Kershaw and the Detroit Lions' Matthew Stafford have a cross-sport friendship that goes way back. The two superstars grew up together and both graduated from Highland Park High School in University Park, Texas.
The pitcher and the quarterback each ended up becoming first-round picks as well, with the Dodgers selecting Kershaw seventh overall in 2006 and the Lions making Stafford the No. 1 overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, following his collegiate career at the University of Georgia.
Kershaw and Stafford both played in games on Monday night, with Kershaw allowing four runs on four hits over six innings and Stafford passing for 122 yards and two touchdowns. The Dodgers' broadcast mentioned their connection:

There was a surprise in store for Monday regarding the two, thanks to Stafford himself. In the third quarter of the Lions' Monday Night Football showdown against the New York Giants, the quarterback called for a first-down audible play by yelling, "Hey, give me 'Kershaw' here! 'Kershaw!'" You can hear him make the call in the video up top.
Instead of a perfect pitch, though, it was a run up the middle by Theo Riddick for eight yards. It's not a bad name for a play against the Giants, given Kershaw's utter dominance over the baseball-playing iteration.
The Lions won the game, 24-10, so while we can't exactly say that the "Kershaw" play was the reason for it, we can definitely say that Kershaw was once again involved in a Giants' loss. Good thinking by Stafford to invoke his name!