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Max Scherzer punctuated his 20-K game with a magnificent glove toss and an emotional speech

After becoming just the fourth pitcher EVER to strike out 20 batters in a nine-inning game on Wednesday night, Max Scherzer did his requisite postgame, on-field interview. Along with exclaiming that he still "had everything left in the tank" (OH MY GOD PITCH HIM FOREVER, NATS) he got the requisite Gatorade shower:

Scherzer, perhaps taking a chapter out of the hitter's celebration book, also executed a magnificent glove toss down the first-base line:

Hey, I mean, who needs a mitt when you just plan on striking everybody out anyway? 
Check out the full interview in the main clip above to hear the Nats ace yell a lot, thank the crowd and get pelted by gum.