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'The Sandlot' is real and Melky Cabrera is Smalls making a catch for the very first time

What is your favorite baseball movie of all time, and why is it "The Sandlot"?
Because the insults are as witty as they are corny? Because Denis Leary is a tour de force in a rare dramtic role as Smalls' stepdad? Because the soundtrack is a character in and of itself that weaves timeless classics from Ray Charles and Booker T & the MGs throughout the story?

All valid reasons, but the most correct answer -- for today, at least -- is that Smalls' first attempt at playing left-center field actually predicted the future of White Sox slugger Melky Cabrera.
The Sox were visiting sunny Minnesota, where they beat the Twins, 4-1. Cabrera was manning left field when Brian Dozier launched a ball up into the afternoon sky. Battling the sun, Cabrera back-pedaled to the warning track where he lost his footing, but made an awkward catch, anyway:

Remind you of anyone? It's like he combined Smalls' first shot at making a catch with his second (more successful) attempt.

Don't be a goofus ... don't be a goofus ... don't be a goofus ...

Basically, "The Sandlot" is real and Melky Cabrera is Smalls. And if that means that the rest of "The Sandlot" universe is integrated into our reality, you should probably refresh your fantasy app and pick Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez up off waivers.
You can thank us later.