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Luis Guillorme sent Mets fans back in time with a Rey Ordonez-esque highlight

If you were a Mets fan in the '90s -- or just someone with a love of defense played more like a choreographed Broadway dance/fight a la "West Side Story" -- then Rey Ordonez probably stands out as a shining beacon in your memory. Though his batting prowess wasn't quite Major League-quality (career .246/.289/.310 batting line), his defense was so otherworldly that it more than made up for it. 

Of course, the move he was really known for was his patented slide-to-the-knee, pop-up-and-throw move.
As Spain took on Colombia at Thursday's World Baseball Classic qualifier, another Mets prospect fired up his time machine to bring it back. Spain's shortstop Luis Guillorme, ranked 15th in the Mets' system and coming off a MVP Award-winning season in the South Atlantic League, displayed his own defensive chops throughout the game. But in the bottom of the fourth inning, he traveled to the Era Ordonez to end the inning. 

Sadly for Guillorme, Colombia defeated Spain, 9-2. Spain, who qualified for their first ever World Baseball Classic in 2013, will go on to play either France or Panama on Friday, with every game streamed on or