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I don't think this big leaguer just dressed up as Batman, I think he actually is Batman

Most Halloween costumes are goofy and fun and unrealistic. You get to be a zombie for the night. Or Frankenstein. Or that misplaced coffee cup from Game of Thrones. Seriously, people are being that. I don't know -- that's just the weird stuff people do.

But Michael Chavis of the Boston Red Sox took his costume very seriously. He dressed up as Batman. And after watching some of the videos of him, I'm beginning to think it's not a joke. I think he's actually Batman.

Pretty damn close.

Chavis' girlfriend, Sarah Esposito, documented the full transformation and it is wonderful to watch. Chavis even sounds like Batman.

He hangs out like Batman.

I mean, he could be the real Batman, right? Why wouldn't a superhero have a cover as a strong, dinger-smacking baseball player? One of his coaches even looks like Alfred. His rivals have been depicted as Jokers.

This might be the moment he's revealed himself to us all.