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Miguel Cabrera beat Byron Buxton's throw, but he still gave it a thumbs up

Miguel Cabrera, two-time MVP and perennial All-Star, has used the 2016 season to fashion himself into MLB's foremost critic of great plays. His rating system is deceptively simple: A good ol' fashioned thumbs up, which he bestows upon only the most impressive feats he sees.
So, congratulations are in order for Byron Buxton.
Cabrera hustled for his 30th double of the season during the Tigers' 4-2 win in the second game of their doubleheader against the Twins on Thursday. He had to slide to beat Buxton's throw -- a rocket from deep center field -- and he remained there a moment to give Buxton some kudos:

Sure, that was probably a "good throw kid, but you didn't get me" thumbs up. But coming from Miggy, that's a review I'm sure Buxton'll take.