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Miguel Sano sends a baseball where none have gone before: off the Tropicana Field roof

Tropicana Field is known for its unique ground rules -- especially those pertaining to the catwalks, which can befuddle infielders and turn deep fly balls into homers that never come down. Sometimes, fielders stick with the play and catch challenging ricochets, too. 
In Sunday's Twins-Rays game, something happened that had not yet happened before in the history of the Trop: Miguel Sanó hit a ball so high it actually scraped off the roof, 210 feet above the playing surface. Despite this being the first incident of its kind, Rays third baseman Evan Longoria didn't give up, even as the ball hit new levels of altitude. 

He kept with it and made the play to retire Sano: 

Twins manager Paul Molitor had this to say to's Sam Blum after the game about Sano's exploits: 
"I think it would've hit the roof if it was 30 feet higher. It didn't just graze it. He got the catwalk last year, he got the roof this year."
Sano, it must be pointed out, already played pepper with the catwalks last season, so he is now basically the undisputed king of the Trop's ground rules after unlocking this latest achievement.