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Mike Trout made a young fan's night by posing for a photo AND signing one from their first encounter

Fans are everything -- after all, they're the ones going through the turnstiles each night and filling ballparks, dressed to the nines in support of their favorite team.
For seven-year-old Charlie Preston, his favorite team is the Angels and, naturally, his favorite player is Mike Trout. He and his father had choice seats along the first-base line for the Halos' 3-2 loss to the A's at the Oakland Coliseum on Tuesday, and it led to an exchange young Charlie won't soon forget.
As seen in the clip atop this post, Trout came over and posed for a photo with his young admirer, whom he looks up to in part because he, himself, is an aspiring outfielder and a devoted fan.
But it gets better: Trout and Charlie snapped a pic together three years ago, so Kent French of FOX Sports West surprised Charlie with that original photo, autographed by Trout himself, on Tuesday night.

But WAIT there's even more in store for the kid, as he was also given a foul ball by a fellow fan during Tuesday night's game.
If that's not the best night at the ballpark a young fan can have, we don't know what is. For Trout, it's just another day at the office.