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Mike Trout (and friend Jim Cantore) were very excited about the recent snow storm

OAKLAND, CA - APRIL 29: Mike Trout #27 of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim celebrates after hitting a home run against the Oakland Athletics during the third inning at Coliseum on April 29, 2015 in Oakland, California. (Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Mike Trout (Jason O. Watson/Getty Images)

Mike Trout has at least two great passions in life. One of them is baseball. But, when it's winter and baseball isn't in season, then it's the perfect occasion for the other: following the weather.
Trout's unusual obsession is far from news. Tweets from him about the weather are not uncommon, he's the unofficial Angel Stadium weatherman, he owns his own weather balloon and he once even appeared on The Weather Channel to provide on-the-ground storm updates in New Jersey.
On Friday, TWC's Jim Cantore was on Hot Stove for a Trout retrospective. The professional meteorologist was effusive in his praise for the baseball player. "He was on the storm," Cantore said of Trout. While he wasn't himself ready to commit to the severity of the storm, Trout continuously insisted it was going to be a big deal, Cantore said.
Lo and behold, Cape May -- just miles from Trout's home of Millville -- got 17-19 inches according to Cantore, in what turned out to be, in meteorological jargon, a "double bomb plus" that hit the Northeast. Trout isn't just into the weather; he knows the weather.

Before the storm hit, Cantore was on MLB Network Radio Wednesday and talked about Trout's surprising hobby.

This tweet caught the eyes of Trout's wife, Jessica, who responded by noting that he was keeping a close eye on the most recent storm to hit the Northeast. He has been quick to provide constant updates, much to her chagrin:

So, how did Trout respond?

Guilty as charged. We can only imagine how happy Trout was last month to get a little bit of snow at his wedding. Hopefully, he didn't bother his then-fianceé with updates just before the ceremony, too.

We'll take that as a "maybe."