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MLB All-Stars' greatest fears: Spiders, snakes and 'anything that doesn't have eyebrows'

Every deep-seated fear has an origin story. My fear of heights comes from falling off the top of the rainbow slide at recess, getting a face full of woodchips as a 6 year old. Paul Goldschmidt's fear of fire ants comes from a similarly traumatic moment.
"I was attacked as a kid -- I don't know [about] 'attacked,' but I sat in a fire-ant bed as a kid, so that has kind of scarred me for life," he said at All-Star Media Day on Monday. Even if he's an MLB All-Star for the fourth year in a row, Goldschmidt still gets scared of things.
As do the rest of his fellow All-Stars. Watch the clip above to learn what scares the daylights out of Corey Kluber, Jose Fernandez and more, and which All-Star is afraid of "anything that doesn't have eyebrows."