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Mookie Betts got enormous jumps and ran wild on stolen bases against the Orioles

Mookie Betts put on a baserunning clinic during a 6-2 Red Sox victory on Thursday night over the Orioles. Starter Kevin Gausman and catcher Andrew Susac simply had no answer to Betts' alert strategy on the bases.
The show started in a hurry when Betts led off the bottom of the first with a single. With Hanley Ramirez up to bat, Betts bolted toward second and got such a great jump that Susac never even had time to prepare for a throw:

Betts later came around to score on a two-run homer by J.D. Martinez.
Taking a page from Betts' book, Jackie Bradley Jr. walked in the bottom of the fifth and also ran for second while Gausman held the ball. This time, Gausman did throw to first, but Bradley had already swiped the bag:

Betts followed Bradley's steal with a single, and Andrew Benintendi brought Bradley home with a sacrifice fly.
Shortly thereafter, Betts was back to his baserunning exploits, once again taking advantage:

Orioles manager Buck Showalter knew that Betts and Bradley had caught them off-guard. "Just early breaks and not having the awareness to step off," he said after the game. "Threw over, but you've got to step off."
Gausman realized that he might need a new approach on the mound with runners on. "I think it's maybe something I need to take a look at, see if I'm doing a little every pitch," he said.
"That might have been a difference between me giving up four runs or five runs rather than six. Those are the things that might allow me to go out for the sixth inning again and save the bullpen. So, there's a lot of variables that go with me messing that up."
Betts eventually scored thanks to -- what else? -- a double steal with Ramirez and a Xander Bogaertsthree-run homer.
As Jarrod Dysononce said, "That's what speed do."