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New racing president Herbie Hoover took the checkered flag in his first race at Nationals Park

Herbert Clark Hoover was the 31st president of the United States of America. He held the office from 1929-33 and is the namesake for the dam that makes Lake Mead the largest reservoir (by volume) in the U.S. But from here on out, he might be best remembered for beating Teddy Roosevelt in races at Nationals Park, because Herbie is the newest addition to the team's stable of racing presidents:

The Nationals introduced #RacingHerbie with a special segment on "Meet the Press" on Sunday morning, prior to a matinee with the Marlins in our nation's capital:

Hoover made the most of his Nationals debut too, edging out George Washington, the "Sage of Monticello," Honest Abe, Teddy Roosevelt and "Big Chief" William Howard Taft to take the checkered flag in his first official race:

Now that Herbie's joined the ranks, you might say that the Nats presidents race is now officially fully loaded