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Everyone remain calm, Nelson Cruz hit a ball clear out of Safeco Field during BP

We know that Nelson Cruz excels at launching baseballs into ... unorthodox places -- when you've earned the nickname "Boomstick," neither innocent cownose rays nor some poor guy's car is safe. But during batting practice prior to Saturday's game against the Twins, Boomstick managed to out-boom himself. He didn't just go where baseballs rarely go, he went where a baseball had never gone: up and completely out of Safeco Field.
... no, seriously, out of Safeco Field. Like, onto the street:

Just how far did Cruz's blast travel? It wasn't game action, so there's no way to know for sure. We do know a couple of things, though: 1) Cruz is the first person to ever hit a ball out of Safeco, and 2) through technology, all things are possible:

Granted, not the most scientific of estimates, but still: 489 feet! If you're in a spot in which you wouldn't expect a baseball to arrive in the greater Seattle area, you might want to watch out just in case.