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Nolan Arenado made an amazing diving stop and threw from the seat of his pants for the out

At this point, you'd think we'd have grown accustomed to Nolan Arenado's amazing defensive gems. Our senses would have dulled to his acrobatic defense and powerful throws. As he proved during Wednesday's matinee against the Giants, that's certainly not the case. 

With Ty Blach up in the bottom off the third inning, Arenado dove to his left where -- gasp -- he failed to glove the ball. Quickly crawling after the ball like an emaciated treasure hunter on the verge of his life's goal, he snagged the baseball and then threw from the seat of his pants. I don't mean that colloquially -- he literally threw while almost laying down:

Seriously, you could just put him in an easy chair and it wouldn't look out of place. And yet, he did this on the baseball field and got the out. We have no idea how he does it either.

Even the Giants couldn't help but be amazed: