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Yankee Stadium transformed into a football stadium to host Notre Dame

What is Yankee Stadium to do in the offseason? While it could sit cold and empty, waiting for spring and starting nines to take the field again, that's less fun than playing host to Notre Dame football. That's exactly what took place on Saturday when the Fighting Irish played Syracuse in the Shamrock Series.
Notre Dame showed up in special Yankees-themed uniforms, with pinstriped sleeves and pants and a special helmet

The end zones were spelled out using the Yankees font: 

The marching bands made sure to play some place-appropriate music -- though it should be noted that they did not play the Aaron Judge-approved "New York, New York."

While it's a little strange for the team from Indiana, and not the team from New York, to wear the pintstripes, it did give us this moment: 

There was even one baseball player in pinstripes, with pitcher/tight end Cole Kmet recording one catch for 17 yards in the game: 

In the end, Notre Dame won by the very un-baseball score of 36-3.