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On Padres Fedora Night, one fan tried to catch a foul with his new headwear -- but failed twice

Fans attending Saturday night's game at Petco Park (won by the D-backs, 9-1) received a Padres Fedora, a hat that looks something like this:

That's a festive piece of headwear isn't it? What it isn't, though, is a receptacle for catching foul balls that fly into the stands. At least it didn't work that way for this fan on Matt Szczur's popup behind the plate in the bottom of the first inning: 

Oof. It's rough enough missing a popup one time, let alone twice on the very same popup. We've seen time and time again (including this past Friday night) that catching baseballs with caps is possible -- it just wasn't in the cards for this guy on Saturday night in San Diego. 
If given another chance at a foul someday, may this gentleman have better fortune.