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Pat Neshek and Ian Desmond joked about Neshek's diving catch on Desmond's bunt

The Rockies' Ian Desmond no longer has to worry about right-hander Pat Neshek robbing him of hits.
Neshek joined the Rockies Friday after being acquired from the Phillies Wednesday night in a trade. Back on May 25, Neshek was Desmond's enemy and nemesis.
Desmond went into a seventh-inning plate appearance -- with one out and Charlie Blackmon at first base -- 1-for-7 with two strikeouts against Neshek. So he thought he'd surprise Neshek with a bunt:

That's right. Neshek robbed Desmond and doubled Blackmon off first.
"My wife [Stephanee] was like, 'I didn't know you could move like that,' so it was kind of like an insult," Neshek said, smiling. "I don't know how I did that. I got back up and I was knocked out for about 10 minutes. It hurt."
In Neshek's defense, those were some slick moves:

Hey, can't blame Desmond for trying.
"That was the first thing I said [Friday], 'I don't know how you made that play,'" Desmond said. "And he was like, 'That was the last thing I expected.' I said, 'Probably because I've never made an adjustment off you in my whole career. You would have never guessed, but you still made it.'
"We're glad to have him. He's a heck of a pitcher and a huge addition to our team, right at the right time."