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Phil Coke wants to be the next pitcher to mount a comeback … as a knuckleballer

Phil Coke is attempting a comeback as a knuckleballer -- that effervescent pitch that befuddles hitters by subverting the very physics of reality. After posting a 4.56 ERA in 23 2/3 innings with the Orix Blue Wave of the NPB, can Coke corral the uncontrollable pitch and make his comeback?

While it worked out for R.A. Dickey and Tim Wakefield, they didn't try to make the switch so late in their careers.

Fortunately the 35-year-old Coke can draw upon the experience of all the knuckleballers who have come before. Like a witch's coven, or a Knuckle Ca-ball,  the floaters of the world regularly unite to share the tips, tricks and insights of their hidden world.

Should both Coke and Mets farmhand Mickey Jannis, who impressed in the Arizona Fall League, reach the Majors and join Dickey and Steven Wright, we could see the next great knuckleball revolution. 


And, if we cross our fingers and hope real hard, we'll one day see the return of the 1945 Washington Senators, who may be the only team in baseball history to have rotation with four knuckleballers